Natural Fibromyalgia Remedies

What are some of the best supplements for fibromyalgia?

Magnesium Banana

  • This mineral plays a major part in every part of our body. It keeps our bones, heart and kidneys strong. Magnesium also helps prevent muscle spasms, back pain and weakness. Studies say that people with fibromyalgia might have low amounts of magnesium in their bodies so taking this may help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms and pain.  


  • A clinical study of 24 people taking a tablet with malic acid and magnesium for eight weeks was found to reduce tenderness and pain associated with fibromyalgia which is said by the University of Maryland Medical Center.


  • Magnesium is found in green leafy vegetables, tofu, brazil nuts, wheat bran, bananas, legumes, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. If you cook them the heat destroys most of the mineral so it’s best to eat them raw.


  • Normal dosages per day for adult females from 19 to 30 years of age is 310 mg and for females 31 years of age and up it’s 320 mg a day. Normal dosages for males from 19 to 30 years of age is 400 mg daily and for males ages 31 and up the daily dosage is 420 mg.


  • Please talk to your doctor if you have kidney disease or are taking any medication before taking magnesium for fibromyalgia or any other reason you may take it. Magnesium can interact with medications including antibiotics and high blood pressure medications.


Brown Seaweed Extract capsule

  • You probably haven’t heard of these capsules but you should definitely look for these. Dr Solomon says that brown seaweed extract shows tremendous promise in fighting against chronic pain.


  • A 2011 study published in the journal Biologics from Australia’s Center of Health and Wellbeing say that brown seaweed extract may cause your pain to be reduced up to 52 percent and it only takes a week to start taking affect. This is one I definitely recommend you try because it helped me. I noticed a difference sooner than a week but I had to stop taking it because I found out I have a blood disorder called factor v leiden and I’m being cautious in case this has vitamin k in it. I can’t find any info supporting that but I know other seaweeds do. I hope this helps you if you try it though.



  • People who have fibromyalgia often have tight muscles. A 2012 study done by Dr. Teitelbaum published in The Open Pain Journal says that your muscles need energy to be able to release and relax. Ribose is a simple sugar that can increase your energy on average of 61%.  On average Ribose can reduce fibromyalgia pain by 15.6%. Dr. Teitelbaum said that the symptoms of fibromyalgia were directly improved by Ribose’s energy building benefit. He recommends a dose of 5g three times a day. I love this one a lot personally. 



  • This will help you sleep at night because people with fibromyalgia often have low levels of melatonin which is released by the pineal gland when you’re getting ready to sleep. This will help you relieve your deep muscle pain by allowing your body to repair your muscles. Your body recuperates when you’re in a deep sleep. The dose is one the box. Take it as needed but don’t take too much.


Fish Oil Fish Oil

  • Fish Oil has omega 3 fatty acids that provide awesome anti-inflammatory properties that can help help with your pain reduction. A board-certified rheumatologist for Valley Arthritis Care in Arizona -Nehad Soloman, M.D  says that fish oil reduces your body’s production of prostaglandins which are inflammatory hormones.


  • The University of Maryland Medical Center says that you should take 1 to 2 capsules a day or 1 to 2 tablespoons to increase immunity and reduce inflammation. I take fish oil all the time and it was one of the first things I’ve tried and it really makes a difference although I do recommend that you check the label to make sure you’re buying a mercury free brand. However you should ask your doctor if you can take this especially if you’re prescribed any blood thinning medications such as warfarin or aspirin.


What are some of the best fibromyalgia diet fomushroomsods?

If you have fibromyalgia then one of the best things you can do is give your body what it craves which is
plenty of veggies.

Yes I know veggies aren’t always what we want to eat and are probably not what we think of as comfort food let alone anything that can help with fibromyalgia but it’s true what they say, you are what you eat.

Our body depends on the food we eat and how you feel depends on what nutrients you absorb from you food you consume so if you’re sitting on the couch eating out of a tub of ice cream then I assure you that your symptoms will not improve and you will feel bad later even though it taste sooo goood lol. It’s obviously your choice though with whatever you chose to do but I highly recommend that you listen to your parents and eat your veggies. Please check out the list below of vegetables that will help you.

      1. Arugula       2. Artichoke Hearts       3. Broccoli       4.  Cabbage       5. Carrots      

      6. Cauliflower       7. Celery       8. Cucumbers       9. Fresh Berries       10. Fresh Melons       

     11. Fresh Ripe Fruit       12. Garbanzo Beans       13. Jicama       14. Kale       15. Lettuce

     16. Mushrooms       17. Olives       18. Onions       19. Other Types Of Bean Salad

     20. Spinach       21. Sugar Snap Peas       22. Tomatoes

I recommend making salads with these foods since raw is always best when it comes to food.   I have factor v leiden however so I’m a bit more limited when it comes to these because the least amount of vitamin k I take in the better but I usually make salad without lettuce, kale, broccoli or carrots. I definitely feel a lot better since I have been eating more of these foods.

I’m guessing you’re probably thinking: Well what should we use for dressing since you’re talking about salad?  Sorry you’re on your own there buddy, this is the end of the website lol. Just kidding, I don’t want my seriousness to be to boring for you even though this is a serious topic.olive-oil

Anyways to get back on track I suggest the you use olive oil or vinegar dressings and there are plenty of recipes you can use to make your own dressings online.

I usually make something new every time. I suggest you stay as far away from other dressing as you can because they use other oils that cause free radicals and having more free radicals means you will have more inflammation so your best bet is not to have them if you wish to avoid the pain you’ll get.


How Do You Suggest I Make My Salad?

When it comes to having fibromyalgia you need to pile on the vegetables. You’d be amazed at how eating a huge salad every day for thirty days could change your health and your life. Here’s my guide to making an awesome salad:


  • I suggest you use one type of lettuce as your base vegetable. I suggest using two cups of it which
    equals two servings. Your salad will be better because I have to do it without lettuce now. I sure do miss it.


  • You should try to add three to five different vegetables to your salad in amounts of 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup. You don’t have to use tomatoes every time you make a salad. You can switch things up. It gets boring doing it the same way every time.


  • Adding fruit to your salad is an awesome way to excite your taste buds by making it sweet. I don’t know about you but I love anything sweet.


  • Next you need to make sure you add your protein. Protein comes from many sources, it can be chicken, lamb, beef, lamb, eggs or any other type of protein and it doesn’t have to be meat. I personally put quinoa in mine and sometimes beans or mushrooms. Everything you eat has some protein in it anyways. Protein from meat absorbs faster though. I just prefer not to add meat to mine but that just me. You need to add 3 ounces to your salad. If you make enough for 3 days then it’ll be 9 ounces.


  • Next comes the dressing. I don’t always use salad dressing because you don’t have to. You can substitute it for lemon juice or yogurt and you won’t even miss your dressing. Why not get creative and have some fun? Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring and bland. We need our flavours. It might weird but I had made homemade blueberry syrup and used the before. I always say don’t knock it till you try it and man that tasted so good even my husband tried it not that he won’t try anything I make but he loved it too. Even my picky kid liked that.

It’s time to make some salad……. Yummy


Are There Any Other Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia Pain That You Do and Recommend for Me?

Well everything I reccomend I have tried, either I had to stop for my blood disorder or I’m still doing it and I’m doing a combination of exercise, diet, supplements and the other things I have listed below. How ever keep in mind that you have to find what works for you. Everyone is different and the time it takes is not an exact science. 


  • Massage therapy is used in hospitals more than any other types of alternative medicine because it helps
    to relieve pain, reduces stress, anxiety feelings and increases your overall well being in general which are all great for fibromyalgia sufferers.


  • Massage also releases endorphins in your body which are natural pain killers that your body makes. The key is the right kind of massage when it comes to reducing the physical and mental symptoms of fibromyalgia. The best types of massage are the ones that combine pressure, friction, application of heat to clear the body of toxins that built up in the muscles, stretching and kneading. 


Check out these types of massages that helps me and that I have done on my patients before I stopped practicing when a car hit me:

Swedish Massages  

  • Swedish massages consists of beating, friction, kneading, gliding/sliding which all cause fresh blood to go to the parts of the body that have been deprived, starved of oxygen and nutrients.


  • This kind of massage is so relaxing that I’m massageusually asleep by the time it’s over which is why it’s my favorite and it doesn’t hurt. It’s so gentle and of course it’s tailored to the patient like all massages are.  However not all massages are relaxing like swedish massages are. People with fibromyalgia often have a lot of stress and need to relax to increase well being as well as their overall quality of life.



Trigger Point Therapy

  • Trigger points are tender areas in the bands of our muscle fibers. Most people just call them knots because that’s essentially what they are and they feel like that when you touch them. If you still don’t know what they are then another way to describe them would be to say it’s a bump under the skin but it can be really huge or really small and you may have several of them or just one. People with fibromyalgia usually have more of them than people that don’t have this condition.

trigger point foam rollers


  • Trigger point therapy deactivates the trigger point by applying pressure to the trigger point with a thump and or tool. A therapist usually asks the patient on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad it hurts when pressure is applied, holds the same pressure for 10 to 20 seconds and then asks the question again.


  • This may take several sessions over a period of time. Once you know where your triggers are and apply pressure to them then you’re likely to have a good outcome when it comes to relieving and managing your painful fibromyalgia symptoms. I like this one a lot and it was one of my favorite types to apply to my patients because I really noticed a difference I was making in their lives. you can also buy trigger point foam rollers to do this at home for places you can reach. I also get these massages myself and it continues to help me now.


Hot Stone Massage hot stone massage

  • Hot stone massages provide another way of relaxing your body and providing benefits to fibromyalgia sufferers. When you get a hot stone massage a therapist puts smooth, heated flat stones on key points of your body and uses the stones as massage tools.


  • The heat warms up tight muscles and allows the therapist to work deeper in your muscles faster. This massage feels amazing. To me is feels like it’s out of this world. They are not piercing hot so don’t worry about that. I highly recommend you trying this if you haven’t already but that’s just my opinion.


Passive Stretching

  • Passive stretching is when a therapist puts external force on one of your limbs to move it into a new position. Constant muscle spasms causing stiff joints is common in people with fibromyalgia which is one symptom I hate more than anything. When a therapist moves your legs or arms in the same directing he or she can loosen up your muscles and joints. This is also known as reflexology. This one helps me a lot and I also stretch on my own too. However you can’t do all of them yourself which is why you need a therapist.


Myofascial Release

  • During myofascial release a therapist gently applies sustaining pressure into your connective tissue.  Myofascial release helps get rid of the pain fibromyalgia causes by elongating the muscle fibers in your body.


Sports Massage

  • During physical activities your body builds up stress and tension in your soft tissues, a sports massage can help alleviate that. You will often find a therapist ready to do a sports massage before and after athletic events on the players but it can also help relieve fibromyalgia pain. It also increases lymph flow and circulation, improves your flexibility, reduces heart rate and your blood pressure. I’ve tried it too from my therapist and it definitely helped to reduce my pain.


How Do You Get The Most Out Of  Your Massage For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief?

  • To take full advantage of massage for fibromyalgia pain relief, first get permission from your specialist. When you get told it’s ok then search for a trustworthy massage therapist experienced with treating fibromyalgia. A theraputic massage therapist that works in a medicinal office, center, or healing facility will best comprehend what’s occurring in the body with fibromyalgia and have the capacity to make a treatment arrangement reasonable for the condition, including that your primary care doctor might have the capacity to suggest a decent clinical massage therapist. At that point your doctor can discuss effectively with the therapist as far as anything they ought to know about in regards to your particular fibromyalgia symptoms.


  • The following tip is to see your massage therapist frequently. Contingent upon how bad their fibromyalgia manifestations are, I typically suggest he or she sees me two to four times each week to get the routine down. The recurrence can then decrease gradually to once every week and afterward once per month, and it’s useful that you can do some self-care at home in between sessions.


  • I suggest that you talk openly with your massage therapist. Healing takes time, conversing with your therapist and sharing all your fibromyalgia symptoms can help the therapist best outline a secure and safe treatment arrangement for you.

I will be updating this page continually and adding new remedies.  I hope these help you. What do you think of these remedies and what have you tried? This page is not about exercise.

20 thoughts on “Natural Fibromyalgia Remedies

  1. Heather

    I personally don’t have fibromyalgia, however I do really appreciate these tips for a healthier lifestyle. I need to try a Swedish Massage sometime, maybe it’ll help loosen me up and get the blood and oxygen flowing better.

    1. Sheena Post author

      Oh yes swedish massage is good for anyone. It’s feels great too. I highly recommend it. It’s very relaxing too. I’m glad this information helped you.

  2. Colleen

    I love that the answer to so many life’s problems is “MORE VEGGIES!” I think we could all use a few more each day!

    1. Sheena Post author

      I agree. We all need more veggies. Our bodies crave them. I’m glad you loved that. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  3. Whitney

    A massage is good for you?! Ok, that’s my excuse to get one 🙂 That salad has me craving one! We all need more salads in our lives, I think!

    1. Sheena Post author

      Lol, that’s a great excuse. I was craving a salad when I wrote that and ya the more the better as long as you don’t go overboard and over saturate your body with nutrients. Which if it taste so good it’s sometimes hard to stop. I think I’ll eat a salad now yummy. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad I could help and if you have any questions then please feel free to ask.

  4. Michelle Heath

    This was a great round-up of natural ways to help with Fibromyalgia. For a dressing I do half olive oil, half balsamic vinegar with muddled strawberries into the mixture. It’s a delicious and sweet dressing that also helps you get in those berries to your diet. I think that could definitely be a great option to help spruce up salads for someone with Fibromyalgia.

    1. Sheena Post author

      Thank you so much. Yes it would, I’ll have to try that recipe. I haven’t tried that yet. Thank you and I’m glad you like my info and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

      1. Sheena Post author

        You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help. I’m sorry about your pain though. Yes increasing your veggies would definitely help you. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Tameka

    Glad I read this post. I have been having a lot of back pain since having my 3 month old. I’m definitely going to increase my veggies

  6. kierra

    All these trips are truly awesome and really good for any one to do to remain in good health. Also diet is so important for everyone. Do you think good habits would possible help with never developing Fibromyalgia?

    1. Sheena Post author

      Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked them. Yes are bodies don’t work right if you don’t eat right. We need our nutrients and yes I think good habits, exercises supplements and food etc all contribute to prevention as well. It’s not a guarantee but will definitely help. The better you take care of your self the healthier you’ll be.

  7. Shasie

    I will definitely have to share this post with my friends who have fibromalygia! Natural remedies are always great!

    1. Sheena Post author

      Yes they are. I feel a lot better since I have made the changes I made in my life. Natural is always best in the long run. I’m glad I could help and thank you for share this with your friends and I hope this will help them too. I’m always here is you have questions or comments. Thank you for stopping by.

  8. Alli

    I’ve heard trigger point therapy really does help! You could get the TPR rollers to and do that at home! 🙂

    1. Sheena Post author

      Yes trigger point therapy over the long term is really good. It’s helped me a lot. My patients I’ve had noticed huge differences with it. I haven’t tried the rollers but they can help. Ofcourse if you can’t reach to do it yourself then it wouldn’t be much help. How ever they will be in my store soon once I put the store online. You can buy the rollers on amazon.

  9. Jo-Anne

    I need to be so much more cognizant of what I eat – thank you for the friendly reminder!

    1. Sheena Post author

      You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help you. I know you’ll notice a difference in how you feel if you change how you eat. If you have questions, please feel free to ask me anytime and I’ll do my best to answer them.

  10. Tabitha

    Loved this post! Its so great that you are helping people take control of their health with all of these tips!

    1. Sheena Post author

      Thank you, I’m glad you loved it. I always do my best to help others even if I need help myself I find ways I can help others. If you have any questions I’m always available to answer them, within reason as I do need sleep.


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