AquaJogger Classic Belt Review – The Best Back Support Belt for Water Exercises

This AquaJogger is the 1st water exercise buoyancy waist band. It’s also the most well AquaJogger Classicknown, widespread item out of all the aquajogger products available. The belt keeps your body afloat in deep water and shallow water, allowing you to get a total body workout without knowing how to swim. Please keep in mind, this isn’t a life jacket, and ought to never be utilized as a life jacket.


Conditioning your entire body is the AquaJogger Classic’s whole purpose. The AquaJogger uses delicate, adaptable, and tough EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam to keep you floating vertically in both shallow and deep water, allowing you the autonomy to move all your body parts in any direction you want. The flotation belt situates your body in a distinctive forward position, causing you to use your abdominal muscles and torso to stay upright. Yet, the main purpose to the AquaJogger is applying resistance to the exercises that you do in the water – you can expand the performance of related land exercises to tone muscle and get rid of fat quicker.

Movements with this AquaJogger are accomplished steadily (in one spot). Consequently, this water exercise belt is anything but difficult to utilize without having any swimming experience in the slightest. Since water provides the single resistance working against you, the AquaJogger Classic Buoyancy Belt gives you an awesome opportunity to exercise without causing any wear and tear on the joints for older people or anyone suffering from chronic pain for any reason.


Swimmers may use the Classic as well. The bigger area of foam on the classic actually leads your body towards the correct swimming posture.

The foam won’t fall apart in the water, it is intended to repel chlorine, saltwater, and so on. While using the belt, the foam adjusts to your personal body type for you to have a customized, unique fit.


The AquaJogger Classic’s body-wise model is very comfortable to wear. It’s very flexible which makes it an incredible decision for both guys and girls, and the flexible belt fits up to forty eight inches, however you can get a bigger strap for the belt if you need to. Keep in mind that the bigger part of the foam is for the back of your waist. The smaller part of the foam goes in front of your body. The clip has to go in front of your navel for it to fit you appropriately.

The AquaJogger Classic is accessible in high caliber, solid purple or blue foam, it Workout Guideincorporates an elastic adjustable belt with a belt clip, a AquaJogger Classic, a DVD and workout instructions.

The workout instructions show activities and workouts utilizing the Classic, the DVD exhibits entire workouts in the shallow and deep end of a pool.

The AquaJogger Classics foam weight is just 4.4 oz.

A variety of other products to make your aquatic exercise better is also provided by AquaJogger.  AquaJogger’s AP160 Versa Floats Buoyancy Modules are perfect for swimmers requiring additional buoyancy assistance. In the event that you might want to improve your water workout, feel free to look at AquaJogger’s Fitness System. They have one for men and one for woman. The one for men has the pro belt and the one for women has the classic belt. The classic fits average waist people or  light weight men and shaped women. The pro is good for men with an average waist or people who have more muscle mass. The pro is also 30% more buoyant than the classic is.

On the chance you enjoy the AquaJogger’s Classic Buoyancy Belt, then you may likewise consider the Speedo Aqua Jog Water Aerobic Belt constructed with foam that resists chlorine. The Classic Wave Flotation Belt is a delicate and solid EVA foam water exercise belt that parities flotation equally around your core, improving the correct upright position and body posture. In the event that you are looking for children, look at AquaJogger’s Junior buoyancy belt, a gadget for children to help kids adapt to swimming in the pool and helps you teach them to swim.


Length: 25.5

Thickness: 1.5

Height at the ends: 5

Height at middle back: 11

Fits : 0 – 48 inch waist unless you order a longer strap for it.

Cheapest place to buy: AquaJogger Elastic Strap

The elastic adjustable strap is 48 inches long and the width is 2 inches. You can buy replacement straps if you need a bigger size and they are accessible in 36 inches, 48 inches, 55 inches, and 60 inches long.


The foam for the Classic is extremely comfortable and you can wear it for a long time. The shape of the Classic tilts your body in the forward position causing you to lightly use your muscles to stay upright.  If you wear the Classic appropriately with the buckle covering your navel, the buoyancy belt won’t slide up your body; the width of your lower rib cage keeps AquaJogger’s Classic Buoyancy Belt in one spot. This AquaJogger Classic provides you with fabulous posture in shallow and deep water, and lets you do a large number of exercises. This is definitely one of the best products when it comes to water aerobics exercise equipment and it really helps support my back. I tried another belt before this one and it didn’t accomplish anything close to this one. I wasn’t as buoyant and it kept riding up. I hope you enjoy it like I do or enjoy the one you chose to buy.


The AquaJogger Classic Buoyancy Belt claims to provide muscle strengthening, enhanced aerobic exercises and improved flexibility. I highly recommend this belt. This definitely is an incredible approach to stay conditioned and fit, without swimming. Get the AquaJogger Classic today!

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the classic or any other buoyancy belt you have tried or ask any questions you may have about this belt. I hope this review helped you to decide what you want to buy and thank you for stopping by.


14 thoughts on “AquaJogger Classic Belt Review – The Best Back Support Belt for Water Exercises

  1. Helen Vella

    Great idea, I have had a back issue for some time and use a brace from time to time when it flares up. Always been wary of swimming in case of a flare up but this looks like just what is needed. Thanks for posting this great information.

    1. Sheena Post author

      You’re welcome, I love this belt a lot. I don’t see why you won’t. Water is one of the best ways to exercise. It’s good for your joints. If you ever have any questions then please feel free to ask or even if you just need to vent.

  2. Wendy

    I have never heard of a jogger belt for deep water aerobics before. I think it is a really neat concept. I have always heard that one of the best ways to work out is in water and also that it is less likely to injure yourself in water.

    1. Sheena Post author

      Yes you’re right. You’re less likely to injure yourself. I love this belt so much. I’ve definitely noticed my workouts accomplish more than with another belt I tried and I’m more buoyant. I also didn’t have to worry about it riding up on me. If you try it the will you please share your experience here?

  3. Calvin

    Hey this seems like a great product. I have back problem and am always looking for ways to exersise with little or no impact. This seems perfect. The only problem is I do now have a pool so that would make it hard. Do you know if most public pools will allow you to bring this product with you to do your fitness there?

    1. Sheena Post author

      Yes you can bring it to any pool you want. I personally use this in my deep water aerobics class at the ymca. I like it a whole lot better than the ones the provide. Please feel free to read my page about deep water aerobics if you want to know more about that. This will be in my amazon store soon once I add the store.

  4. Owain

    What a great idea. Using the floats looks like you could work out your arms as well as your legs. How long does the DVD go on for? And also how many instructions does it show?

    1. Sheena Post author

      Yes you can work your entire body out. As for the getting started dvd, well I’m not sure how long it is because I never got it. It’s optional. I decided to buy another AquaJogger DVD that’s 1 hour long with 60 exercises incase I want to exercise without a class.

    1. Sheena Post author

      Yes, it is. I’m glad I have it. I tried another belt before but it definitely doesn’t compare to this one. If you try it I’m pretty sure you’d like it. Is there anything you like to use?

  5. Lauren

    Thanks for this great review! I’m always looking for new ways to work on my fitness. I’m not very comfortable in water, and I know this could be a great resource in knowing that I won’t sink while working out. The lower risk of injury in water attracts me to it as well, so I think I’ll look into this!

    1. Sheena Post author

      You’re very welcome I’m glad my review helped you. I know you’ll love working out in the water if you try it. Please let me know how it goes.


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